Instructions for all Attendees

We strongly encourage you to download and install the Zoom client before the conference, to resolve any unforeseen problems you may encounter ahead of time.

Joining a Webinar

An ongoing Zoom webinar can be joined by following these instructions.

  1. Click the Click Here to Join link that you received in your email communication.

    Email Invite

  2. The Zoom client window pop ups. If the webinar has not yet started, wait for the session host to start it, otherwise you will be connected automatically.


Asking Questions During Presentations

The following procedure should be used to ask questions:

  1. Click the Q&A from the Zoom dock. The dock is located at the top or bottom part of your screen.


  2. The Q&A panel pops up. This panel organises questions in two tabs: All questions and My questions. All questions lists the questions that have been answered by the presenter; these will be visible to all webinar attendees. The My questions tab shows the questions that you have asked.


    To pose a question to the presenter, type the question and press Send. The presenter receiving your question may then choose to address your question. Questions will be answered by presenters live over the mic. Any questions that remain unaddressed by presenters will only be visible in your Q&A panel, and are not seen by others.

  3. If and when your question is addressed by the presenter, you will be automatically given the option to unmute your mic in case you wish to ask further follow up questions. Press Unmute to enable your mic.


    At any point, the session chair may intervene to help steer the discussion or provide additional clarification.

  4. Once the question has been answered, your mic will be muted automatically.

Asking Questions During Tutorials

During tutorials, you may wish to share your screen to ask for assistance. Use this option as a last resort since the process is slow.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above. To request that your screen is shared, ask your host verbally over the mic.

  2. You will be promoted to the role of Zoom panelist.

    Zoom panelist

  3. Press Share Screen to share your screen with the other attendees. Remember to unmute yourself or start a video session if necessary.

    Share Screen