BehAPI 2020 - International Workshop on Behavioural Types for the API Economy

The workshop will provide a forum to the presentation of work on models and tools for the analysis, construction, and validation of API-based software. It is organised by the MSCA RISE project Behavioural Application Program Interfaces.

It is one of the workshops at DisCoTec 2020, the 15th International Federated Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques.


Behavioural APIs (b-APIs) extend APIs with precise descriptions of their behaviour so as to validate and test applications built by gluing together components. BehAPI 2020 main topics revolve around:

The workshop will have invited talks only, on the use of APIs by the industry (there will be a talk from a local company), on behavioural types for disciplining API consumption, and for correct-by-construction API provision. On the morning of the first day we will have speakers external to the project (1 industrial and 2 academics). On the afternoon of the second day we will organise two sessions - one on collaborative works being developed in the project in the context of secondments and another on mechanisation of behavioural types.

To avoid conflicts and overlaps with the ICE workshop, the idea is to share the program (2 half-days filled by BehAPI invited talks and 2 half-days filled by ICE invited and contributed talks). We encourage submissions to ICE on B-APIs-related topics.

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For additional information, please contact the Program Chair: aravara at fct dot unl dot pt