DAIS Informal Proceedings

The proceedings will appear in the volume Spriger LNCS vol. 13272 after the conference.

Sadok Ben Toumia, Christian Berger and Hans P. Reiser. An Evaluation of Blockchain Application Requirements and their Satisfaction in Hyperledger Fabric [Practical Experience Report]

Viktória Fördős and Alexandre Jorge Barbosa Rodrigues. Lesser Evil: Embracing Failure to Protect Overall System Availability

Rodrigo Canek, Chantal Taconet and Pedro Borges. Analysis of the impact of IoT protocols and interaction patterns on energy consumption for IoT consumer applications

Thanos Giannakopoulos and Vana Kalogeraki. An Elastic and Scalable Topic-based Pub/Sub System using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Tianze Wang, Amir H. Payberah, Desta Haileselassie Hagos and Vladimir Vlassov. Accelerate Model Parallel Deep Learning Training Using Effective Graph Traversal Order in Device Placement

Rhauani Fazul and Patrícia Pitthan. The HDFS Replica Placement Policies: a comparative experimental investigation

Arian Baloochestani, Leander Jehl and Hein Meling. Rebop: Reputation-based Incentives in Committee-based Blockchains

Emanuel Onica and Ciprian Amariei. Using SGX for Meta-Transactions Support in Ethereum DApps [Work-in-Progress Paper]

Jämes Ménétrey, Christian Göttel, Anum Khurshid, Marcelo Pasin, Pascal Felber, Valerio Schiavoni and Shahid Raza. Attestation Mechanisms for Trusted Execution Environments Demystified

Pasquale De Rosa and Valerio Schiavoni. Understanding Cryptocoins Trends Correlations [Work-in-Progress Paper]

Jacopo Soldani, Stefano Forti and Antonio Brogi. Failure Root Cause Analysis for Microservices, Explained

Maarten van Steen, Valeriu-Daniel Stanciu, Nadia Shafaeipour, Cristian Chilipirea, Ciprian Dobre, Andreas Peter and Mingshu Wang. Challenges in automated measurement of pedestrian dynamics